Mamaʼs little Pleasure


in co-operation with Bettina Gruber
5:37 min.
Production format: U-matic-High-Band
Production: Tag/Traum, Cologne, Germany
Music: Bettina Gruber

A small vita in two pictures and two songs.

Part 1: “Rabbit In The Snow.”
Mama’s little darling, just as she wants him to be, in a bright white sailor suit – in other words, someone who, one the one hand, should be far away as often as possible, but on the other hand, is fixed within the boundaries of his playpen.
And the little darling?
White in white he stands and collects everything in his environment. He eats, talks on the phone, poses and balances between defiance and yearning – a white rabbit in the snow who’s tail has been sprinkled with salt more than once.

Part 2: “Who Cares What The Prince Looks Alike Tonight.”
La Belle et la Bete, portrayed by a Mademoiselle draped in a tulle and a little white dog.
As far as the woman is concerned – the little darling from then? – she will take care not to jeopardize the exact randomness of the pleasure and the apparent and in this way transiently fulfilled longings by throwing them against the wall.
Since – who cares? – when since childhood improvisation turned out to be the easiest thing to do in a hopelessly longing situation?