All the Time in the World


The interactive catalogue about the video works will be published in mid-June 2020 by DISTANZ-Publishing House Berlin.
192 pages, 323 colour illustrations, hardcover
With texts by Henriette Huldisch, Nicola Kuhn and Franziska Stöhr
Design: Franziska Morlok (Rimini Berlin)
Copy Editing: Martin Conrads

With the DISTANCE app, excerpts from the video works shown in the book can be set in motion and made audible on an iPhone or iPad.

“As a pioneer of video art, Maria Vedder (lives and works in Berlin) has been researching the moving image and its technologies since the 1970s. In her early, partly performative video works, the artist uses irony to create staged situations with which she commented on social conventions on gender issues even back then. In later work groups, Vedder’s interest in the seemingly “inconspicuous” motifs comes to the fore, in which the artist discovers narrative potential behind the visible. In her most recent works, Vedder continues her search for traces in the exploration of places of political staging. Vedder’s extensive film oeuvre skilfully demonstrates how cultural and social phenomena can be transformed into poetic films.
The Catalogue raisonné Alle Zeit der Welt is a walk through the history of video art along Vedder’s works, their forms, content and techniques.”

DISTANZ Publishing House