Weltstadt Köln


In collaboration with Bettina Gruber and Wolfgang Wössner
Super-8 film
Without sound
Performer: Bettina Gruber

“I hereby declare Cologne a cosmopolitan city for the duration of my stay. Bettina Gruber”. Bettina Gruber, Maria Vedder and Wolfgang Wössner hung up posters with this text all over the city when Bettina Gruber returned from Berlin to her hometown of Cologne. The film consists of six sequence shots, each the length of a Super 8 cassette, with the camera moving slowly along a construction site fence. Bettina Gruber repeatedly appears next to a poster, which leads to a temporal discontinuity.

For money and good words, Au Backe Verlag was persuaded to produce the official commercial for the city library of the city of Cologne, Neumarkt. At the architect’s suggestion, the bridle was recreated in the film studios of the Au Backe Verlag, which drove up the production costs immensely.