Catfish Tango


in co-operation with Bettina Gruber
7 min.
Production format: U-matic-High-Band
Music: Bettina Gruber
Commissioned production for ZDF/Second German Television
Production: Blitzvideo Köln

“Tall, mysteriously lit blocks of flats, a volcano, miscellaneous fish-like entities swimming across the screen.
A science fiction world? No, simple a décor in an aquarium, where household objects in the skies are pushed about by a woman disguised as a cat, who – when she eventually appears in frame – is standing angling in a box.
By simply, almost primitive means, a world is evoked which temporarily deceives the viewer, but which is revealed at the end as a sophisticated joke.
The fact that the “cat” has perpetrated the joke is not disguised: her tail is hanging in the water when she reveals herself to the viewer.
The music, a popular variant of the time-honoured-tango, emphasises once again satirical nature of the tape.” RP
from: Catalogue Kijkhuls “World Wide Video Festiva“l, Den Haag, Netherlands, 1986, page 60

In the depths of the blue ocean lies the sunken city of Atlantis, inhabited by ancient fish that resemble pliers, whisks and coffee spoons.
And here begins the journey caused by a fish obsessed cat, which at the time is the connection between the ocean dwelling creatures and the flying absurdities of the vast outer space.