Abdullah Frères


In co-operation with Bettina Gruber

Extract: 2:36 min of a total of 23 min
Production on Japan-Standard I
with 13 plan sequences (almost) without cut
Actors: Herbert Burkert, Bettina Gruber, Gaby Grünebaum, Thomas Grünfeld, Barbara Hahn, Achim Mantscheff, Maria Vedder

This film about second-hand life is based on an authentic story. In the middle of the 19th century, Sultan Abdul Aziz, who lived in Istanbul, decided not to leave his seraglio anymore. However, since he had not lost interest in the outside world, he instructed the photographers Abdullah to photograph this for him. The brothers Abdullah learned the craft from the English photographer Roger Fenton, who came to Turkey during the Crimean War. The brothers Abdullah photographed mainly in the Orient, a journey took them to Paris. The collection of their photographs is archived in the Istanbul library.