Radio Operator to Sirius Part 2 (Funker zum Sirius Teil 2)


3 min.
Recording format: Video 8

Film about the media installation “Radio operator to Sirius Part 2” in the forest Koelner Koenigsforst, Cologne, by Bettina Gruber, Ulrich Tillmann, Maria Vedder

Wood, TV with battery, running time several days
Production of the installation in collaboration with Moltkerei Köln/Public Art
Sound collage: Uwe Wiesemann, Gerhard Zilligen

The two meter high obelisk with integrated, battery-powered TV has been erected at a faraway place in the forest Koenigsforst close to Cologne as a transmitting station to Sirius. The television with picture and sound of the 1st program/ARD ran for several days until the battery was over.

The obelisk, known to people as a transmitter of information and signpost for millennia, should help aliens to get to know our culture. Why not use the electromagnetic rays of the permanently running TV for this purpose? The information of a typical TV programme offer them the most effective insight into our culture. Possible faulty analyses, e.g. the assumed average size of a terrestrial of dwarfish 30 centimeters, have to be accepted given the enormous advantages.