Die elektronische Suppe


Art Values ​​or The Electronic Soup

Video performance with 1 monitor
5 min.

at the event
The Congress
Artists talk about art.
Project by Georg Gartz, Fee Podgurski, Roland Schappert
in cooperation with the Cultural Office and VHS Cologne
Catalog “Abstract Book”

Dog with gold rim.
They do not buy with their eyes, they buy with their ears.
The first seven minutes we are in the kowtow – the bow to the audience.
Serve flaneurs and money hider.
Zone edge sponsering.
The patrons are us.
Don’t you know that art is the best business?
The capital is overcooked to soap.
Whose account is the art going to?
Food wave, travel wave, culture wave.
Not even artists buy art that buy castles.
This little heart, will belong to you once.
Trade in goods of all kinds.
Quality is not a question of the audience rating.
You can not buy art.
Are we artists and bankers not very similar?
It takes art to make a company great.
The garnish of the big plate.

… Walter Schmerling. Verena Kraft / Kurt Petz. Klaus vom Bruch. … Verena Kraft / Kurt Petz. Frank Wedekind. Thomas Huber. Peter Sloterdijk. Paul Maenz. Franz Dahlem. Paul Maenz. Paul Maenz. Karlheinz Schmidt. … Thomas Huber. Philip Morris. …