2000 until today

work in progress
3-channel video installation:
3 cathode ray monitors (4:3, 28 inches)
3 players adapted to synchronisation
Image content:
digital animation, loop 4:46 min., black-and-white, no sound
animation: Till Beckmann

For years, Maria Vedder has collected newspaper pictures of people who are covering the sensory organs – their mouths, eyes, or ears. They have interrupted their communication with the environment, voluntarily or involuntarily. In computer animation, more than 700 photographs come together in an ever-accelerating vertical stream, a vertical roll of images across the three stacked monitors.

At first, a new image pushes the previous one from one monitor to the next, speeding up so that in the end 36 photographs per second can be seen or vaguely perceived. The speed and motion dissolve the individual image and give rise to new graphic elements. Newspaper picture grids and computer pixels become organic forms.

The project is never-ending, because Maria Vedder will continue to constantly collect – unless someday there are no more printed newspapers.