Pure Hand Work


In collaboration with Anna Anders
5:48 min
Full HD
Performers: Otra Baderni, Nawal Darawshe, Fatima Knaane, Lushka Knaane, Raeda Knaane, Angelika Madi, Nazira Madi, Asmaa Naamneh, Nabilah Naamneh, Nazira Naamneh, Amera Saadi
Drum player: Raghda Taha

The video was created during a video workshop in December 2012 at Afnan Al Galil in Arraba, Israel, an organization for women, where (amongst others) traditional handcrafts are manufactured and sold.
The leaders of the workshop, the video artists Anna Anders and Maria Vedder from Berlin/Germany, asked the participating women to bring a tool or object, with which they usually work and perform a repetitive movement with it. The women knitted, embroidered, crocheted, braided hair, ground grain or kneaded dough. Then they performed these hand movements without the respective object. These “dancing” hands were underlaid with a drum rhythm played by one of the participants.