And the galaxies heard / Und die Galaxien hörten


10:53 Min.
TV production for Kanal 4/RTL und SAT 1
Music: Maria de Alvear
Excerpts from the radio play “The 3rd Millennium”, 1990, Maria de Alvear
Camera: Maria Vedder
Editing: Maria Vedder, Mareile Marx
Assistant director: Gesa Marten
Assistance: Dietlinde Stroh
Production: Astrid Völker, Kölner Frauenkulturhaus
With thanks to Urs Bette, Susanne Ofteringer, Kunststation St. Peter Cologne

An experimental portrait of the Spanish composer Maria de Alvear.
“In her Alvear portrait, Vedder achieved a fascination that grows entirely out of the possibilities of the video medium. The proportion of both artists blurred in a common work. The narrative perspective was broken by rapidly scored sentence fragments Alvear.
Art must be like a potato: solid and edible, it was said in this portrait, but also as a journey that leads all the signs of the unknown and the fear. The transfer of material art experiences into the intangible video medium only makes sense if, beyond mere mapping, a new – mysterious or explanatory – quality is achieved.”
Jürgen Kisters, Kölner Stadtanzeiger, 14./15.6.1990