Reinald von Dassel – Funker zum Sirius


In collaboration with Bettina Gruber

TV production ARD (First German Television)
7:15 min
Performers: Nick Berk, Herbert Burkert, Gaby Grünebaum, Bettina Gruber, Werner Koj, Axel Pape, Thomas Schmitt
Production: Tag/Traum, Köln

For the satire show DAS LETZTE on Sunday afternoon in the first television program, this experimental short film about Reinald von Dassel, who brought the Cologne as spoils of war the bones of the Holy Three Kings. Due to the pilgrimage triggered by this, mass tourism began and gave Cologne great economic importance. The film tries to prove that the bones are actually transmitter to the star Sirius and Reinald von Dassel had the secret mission to build a transmitting station to Sirius, namely the Cologne Cathedral.