“Under Spaghetti Junction”, Fine Rats International, Birmingham, UK, 1993
“Beim Dornauszieher”, Akademisches Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany, 1992

The expanded respiratory center


Multi-channel installation with video and light
4:53 Min.
21 monitors, 7 videoplayer, 7 films, 21 loudspeaker
Stands for the monitors in different heights
21 swinging light bulbs with extension cabels, mounting from the ceiling, with windshield wiper motors with AC-DC power supply.
The installation is variable depending on the showroom.
Here: simulation with 5 monitors
Camera: Dietlinde Stroh
Music: Uwe Wiesemann

In the exhibition “Under Spaghetti Junction” under Britain’s most famous motorway interchange near Birmingham, the 21 monitors formed 2 semicircles. The reflection in the water of the canal resulted in a recumbent eight, the mathematical sign of infinity.
“Under Spaghetti Junction” was organized and curated by the artist group “Fine Rats International” (Francis Gomila, Colin Pearce and Ivan Smith).

In the exhibition “Beim Dornauszieher” at the Akademisches Kunstmuseum Bonn in 1992, the films were projected onto various ancient statues, here on Hermes, the Greek god of communication. A bare bulb hanging low from the ceiling was gently rocked. In the surroundings of the light bulb were mainly heroes with groundbreaking raised arms.

The films show swinging objects, a chair, a bamboo stick, a cup, a pair of shoes, a paper plane, a cardboard box, a pillow or a banner.

Objects, moving through space, recall the direct communication between people. They include a chair where I sit to listen actively, and a cup of coffee promising concentration. An umbrella offers protection. A cobblestone as an argument. A bamboo stick, a Zen master’s tool to speak directly with his students’ bodies. Maritime flags, a sailor’s means of making contact across distances.
These information tools fly through space – coming and going, identified or unrecognised – like continuous, rythmic breathing.